They Love Rush Limbaugh But They Hate Louis CK?

Aw, never mind. Louis CK has already pulled out of the event.

I would be willing to bet that you could have seen this coming a mile away, and I mean that literally, figuratively, and in the sense that seems naughtier than it should and in the royal we sort of way.

Yes. The Republican Party is now going to pivot on one foot and prove--prove!--that they do not hate sluts/women/people who think for themselves by denouncing the greatest stand-up comedian in the country right now, Louis CK, because he has been chosen to appear at the Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner.

Here's what a failure this strategy is going to be. Louis CK sails completely over their heads. He is the hottest thing there is right now. He is riding the wave, so to speak, and he is on top of his game.

Does that matter to people who are ignorant of the culture? No, of course not.  They are staring at the fact that he uses bad words and talks about women. What they are missing is that he is completely and utterly skewering the fact that people who think and say those things are complete and utter selfish assholes. You see, his comedy is not just about the shocking things he says. It is about the context in which he says those things and why that context is left unspoken. He is demonstrating examples of assholery that are a window into how people see, think and feel. He is showing what our inner asshole looks like so he can get people laughing and thinking at the same time.

Here's Greta Van Susteren using up her last moment of righteous indignation before the fall of man:

Here's a blue hair on Larry Johnson's Whitey Tape Outlet:

They just don't get him, do they?

You see, the great comedians and satirists get people to see themselves in what they're saying or doing. Louis CK is fearless and honest, and he makes people see what it looks like when the things everyone thinks get said out loud in the right context. Rush Limbaugh never makes himself the joke--he's on full blast, looking to deflect the joke away from his tortured sex-tourist soul.

Given the sad state of American comedy, of course they'll succeed in driving him away. He's too brilliant for that room full of self-aggrandizing assholes anyway. In fact, that's the one room in which no one can see their inner asshole in his material because, well, they'll be staring into mirrors or empty space, waiting for the jokes to feature the only thing they really care about, which is themselves.
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