Shame Them

A young lady named Jada Williams wrote a fantastic essay and shamed an entire school full of weak-minded adults. What did she get for her troubles? She got kicked out of school.

There is an idea floating around out there that, if your don't get on your knees and show people fawning respect, you don't have any right to criticize them. That's nonsense.
“It seems to me that despite intellectual aspirations and the pursuit of excellence, there is still room for respect for authority. ”
What this person fails to understand is that the essay was, through and through, an intellectual exercise in speaking truth to power. Here was a young lady who, through the abilities of her mind and her education, was able to say to the people who were NOT listening to their students, “you are not reaching us and you are not doing what you were charged to do.”

She called them out. She embarrassed them. She told a bunch of weak-minded adults to grow up and start teaching. That's what people do when they are being respectful of a higher ideal.

To suggest that she should have had “respect” for them is to ignore the fact that respect appeared throughout her essay–respect for herself, for the examples that have gone before her, and respect for the idea of learning. The teachers demonstrated no respect whatsoever for truth, learning, or a young lady with the ability to shame them.

Whenever you see someone in a position of power abusing their power and wasting their potential, shame them. That’s the American way.