Pat Dollard Encourages a Lively Exchange of Ideas

You see, the wingnuts can attack and attack all day long, but when you call them on their bullshit, they panic and block you from continuing the discussion.

I cannot blame them. The wet fart that is the latest Breitbartocalypse is dissipating faster than whatever money the man made from fomenting hate and intolerance. Somehow, I don't think blowing it all on this new website was a great business strategy. They are eating FAIL so fast today that, by sundown, there may not be anything worth banning people for.

The American people don't care who Saul Alinsky was and that meme is never going to take flight no matter how many times Pat Dollard claps his hands and wishes for it to spring to life.


Dollard banned me, sliced away my identity, and revealed himself to be a coward and punk. What a brave, brave soldier for the truth.
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