Only Conservatives Are Allowed to Coordinate Their Efforts

This is the sort of thing that makes me want to tear my hair out. The Daily Caller believes it has found a massive scoop--one that is worthy of a breathless "series" of investigative reports.
You had better be sitting down, because this will blow your socks clean off and make you hold your mud inside with both cheeks. Gasp! There are elements of the SEIU and the Occupy Wall Street movement working together!
Yes. And they're doing so practically out in the open and without buying off judges, juries and lawyers beforehand. Oh, my! People with common cause are joined up and working together in America? Who'd have thunk it?
I mean, you want to shake these people and ask them why they know nothing about democracy, common sense, or activism. You want to ask them why they don't get it. That's your scoop? That an American labor union is organized and coordinating its efforts along with other groups in order to advocate on behalf of the members of those organizations?
And here I thought that when the Koch brothers brought in a slew of ringers in order to take over the board of the Cato group that this sort of thing didn't go on in the United States. I had no idea that there were so many people coordinating their efforts in order to get their message out. I had no idea that people would maximize their resources and join together with like-minded individuals and make an effort towards insuring that their views and goals would be met in concert with others. A smart person would call this a common sense effort to stay alive and band together against the corporate money being used to destroy them (see The Daily Caller as a media outfit doing the bidding of the people who want to wipe out unions and occupy protests).
It's all simply too shocking to understand I guess. Coordinating? Communicating? Working together for a common cause? And making certain that a political viewpoint gets a message across? In America?
This post has to end now because I have fallen onto the fainting couch and I can't get up.
Astonishing. Sarcasm intended.
I have a sneaky suspicion that absolutely no laws whatsoever are being violated.
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