No Rational Reason For Gingrich to Stay in the Race

Rich Lowry hits at something that a lot of people already know. Newt Gingrich has essentially lost the race to win the Republican nomination for the Presidency.

However, this does not matter.

Gingrich is not in the race anymore to win. He's trying to play the role of spoiler. He wants to garner as many votes and delegates as possible so he can injure the ticket and maintain his standing as a possible candidate for another office. It's not outside the realm of possibility for him to run in 2016, and it's entirely possible that he is just crazy enough to think that, by damaging whoever is running this year, he can set himself up for a glorious coronation in four years.

You see, Newt Gingrich is insane. Everybody knows it. Even he knows it. He is not a rational person. He is intelligent in the same way an animal knows not to bite through electric cables after the eighth or ninth near death experience by electrocution. His brain functions like that of a lizard that needs to eat every insect in alphabetical order. His heart, as a Republican, is never in the right place and his goals are scattered around like random bits of paper left out for the prisoners to set on fire when the warden comes around to stick people in the hole for no reason.

His advisors are probably telling him to quit. But his ego prevents him from doing anything graceful, sensible, or pragmatic. In the grand scheme of things, Gingrich has to take the low road, screaming and pounding the steering wheel, no tires left, brakes gone, fenders flying away, bumpers smashed, headlights dashed, and windshield wipers going the wrong way. This is how it must be for him.
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