No, It Is Not the Same Thing

This is a perfect example of hackery and hack journalism and hack opinionating. It's so pitch-perfectly feckless and useless that the mere act of linking to the Politico makes me want to pound the desk and yell.

You see, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. used Twitter to call out Senator James Inhofe for being a "prostitute" for big oil. This is rude, of course, but it has the added advantage of being true. In exchange for what is actual money, Senator Inhofe votes, on a consistent basis, to protect the interests of the oil companies who give him that money. This is the American political process. They are all whores, and they are all bought and paid for. Yes, and so are the Kennedys. I'm certainly not going to argue that point.

But, I will say this--Inhofe is a big boy. He's been called worse. He loves getting called names. He's a tough SOB. And he's more than capable of taking a Tweet from a Kennedy scion.

This is the perspective missing from the Politico hackery; the game is well understood. But leave it to them to not get how the game is played. Leave it to them to make a false equivalence that even a two year old could see through. You see, Politico is latin for hack. And it is NOT the same thing to call a sitting United States Senator, and a male, to boot, a prostitute. It is absolutely, positively, NOT the same thing. It is so not the same thing to compare Senator James Inhofe to Sandra Fluke. Do you hear me, Politico hack? It is NOT the same thing.

I mean, honestly. I have to stop repeating myself. I'm going to have an episode here if I go on.
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