Design Choices

If you can't say anything nice, at least try to praise the decision to use white text on a green background. Wait, that's pretty bad, too.

This document showed up in my Scribd feed, and it is a fairly good example of what not to do, design-wise, with the cover of something you want people to read.

It's not as bad as it could have been, but this scattershot approach really doesn't make the real estate appealing. These are items dropped on the front and left there. They float in space and clutter the cover. But, in defense of the person who had to put this together, maybe this was the best they could come up with, given whatever the demands were from their client.

Sometimes, a technical writing client will leave you with a set list of things that HAVE to be on the cover or in a document. The logos and the homes depicted here, are items that may have been mandatory on the cover. I don't think I would have organized it this way; but if I had to work with these images, I don't think I could improve upon this all of that much. Sometimes, you're stuck with what you're stuck with.

Northeast Indiana Real Estate Guide - March 2012
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