Burg Hohenzollern Brochure

Please excuse the vertical nature of this post. I have scanned in the partial brochure for the Hohenzollern Castle. This well-preserved masterpiece is well worth the visit. This brochure, in the English language, was picked up during a visit and I am always gathering these things up for ideas and for technical writing examples.

Works produced here in Europe have their stylistic quirks about them. This brochure doesn't have anything that you wouldn't find on other brochures. However, the details and the design of this one are a cut above.

Not only do you have a very effective color scheme, you have graphics and photographs that give it a very high-class appeal. Everything about this brochure screams dignity and class, and respect for the castle. The photos are brilliantly lit and colored, with just a hint of the darkness of museums and the old world. The map is a fold out affair. This brochure comes in the standard size, but as a center-stapled booklet. The map opens up; the legend is a separate piece and I would say that when you're putting together a map with information, everything should be visually presented in one place. Going back and forth is frustrating.

Anyway, that's my vertical post of the month.
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