Another Look at the Myth of the Violent Veteran

This is an excellent post that does a great deal of the leg work on this issue. I have touched on Veterans issues numerous times, but the most recent post that I did on this subject was in January after a horrific act of violence committed by a Veteran.

The myths that have sprung up over the years about Veterans being more prone to violence and more likely to go berserk and kill people are fed by a media narrative that wants to run with those stories. It’s an angle that helps them sell the images that come from the period after the Vietnam War and from the popular culture of that era. And I actually like the first Rambo film. It was very well done, but it fed a myth that was more fiction than fact.

No war in our modern history has ever been more distorted or misrepresented than the Vietnam War. The actual facts of what happened, who fought it, and how they returned home and reintegrated themselves back into American society are not well understood by the American people. It doesn't help matters when you consider that community policing in the United States after the Vietnam War wasn't exactly what you would call heavy on the rights of the accused.

What has changed is this–it is now much more difficult to claim Veteran status. The outing and discrediting of numerous fakers and impostors has helped show that the American people have been sold a bill of goods about the Vietnam Veteran. This will help prevent fakers from stealing the valor of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans and we need to be vigilant about making sure that ALL Veterans are properly represented and respected. Don’t believe the media when they try to run with the “violent Veteran” theme.
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