Andrew Breitbart, Massive Pile of Shit, Now Dead

Since no one else has the courage to say this, American political discourse improved dramatically today when Andrew Breitbart, who was a bigoted, racist pile of stinking shit, died of whatever killed him.

Sadly, he did not die sooner. Sadly, he did not grow up and abandon his deceitful, hateful ways and find any kind of redemption. The dogs should drag his carcass to the river and the pigs should eat his bones. The buzzards can have his eyes. His soul has already been eaten by whatever demon he was chasing through this life.

And, no, I don't care one whit for him or for decency. Breitbart didn't care for decency. We shall die how we lived, I would imagine, and good riddance to his despicable kind.

Here's Breitbart's last piece--an unadulterated hit piece on a man who happens to be gay. Read it and tell me I'm out of line for celebrating his demise.

Enough said.

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