What if it Isn't Any Good?

Fans of Arrested Development have been teased for years. I own the three existing seasons of the series and I thought it was great.

But what if this new attempt at relaunching it isn't any good? What then? Will it die a horrible death and never be resurrected? And has there been any truly critical analysis as to whether or not people will actually turn out and support the project? The support of the cast and the creators is all well and good. But almost all of the discussions I've read center around money and Ron Howard seems to be confirming that. If the only reason to make new episodes for television and a film is money, then how good could the material really be?

It didn't die because it wasn't good. It died because of viewer and network apathy. Bringing something that failed back to television and to theaters is a risky investment. Without viewers, and people in the theaters, forget it.

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