We Are Here For That Purpose

Rick Perry has problems, but his wife isn't creating new ones. She's revealing how twisted the Republican nomination process has become.

Using tears in public to decry the fact that her husband, a Christian, has been attacked on all sides and then telling people that he has been called to run for the Presidency by God is a little like saying that the Perry campaign is on a mission to take America back from the Godless and to stop the Mormons. We may well be witnessing the first real major campaign in modern American politics that will utterly demonize the Mormon faith. I think there are enough people out there who will make this happen on Perry's behalf. They don't want Mitt Romney, and they don't want that Huntsman fellow, either, whoever he is.

The only chance Perry has right now is to completely and utterly stop attending debates and to stop speaking in public. He has to run a campaign inside of a citadel. He has to find a dozen or so surrogates to terrify Republican primary voters into thinking that the Mormon faith is profane and anti-Christian. And then he has to hope and pray that his own TV ads drive enough voters away so that he can finish in second or third place often enough to survive into April and May of next year.

If not, he's finished. And no amount of boo-hooing is going to change that.