The Gas Princess Falls From Grace

At one time, Yulia Tymoshenko was poised to rule Eastern Europe. A great Ukrainian bloc of countries could have emerged from the shadow of a declining Russia and taken up the banner of a great republic stretching all the way from Prague to the Caucasus. Millions could have abandoned their own failed states and followed her Ukraine into a glorious new era. Now, that's all dust and smashed bottles, abandonment and ruin.

This verdict was less about Tymoshenko and more about a decidedly anti-democratic, anti-Russian sentiment within the Ukraine that threatens the stability of the region. What a sad state of affairs.

Easily the most powerful of all the gas princesses of the post-Soviet era, Tymoshenko looks glammed down here, but she will rise again. Fanboys all over the world, rejoice. Prison will make her stronger.

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