The Establishment is Scared

The New York Times has been caught in a major scandal, I believe, and it is a scandal because they have failed to comprehend and report the extent to which people are willing to go in order to protest against what Wall Street has been doing to this country for years.

This is a major breakdown between the rights of the governed and the establishment. The media is supposed to be skeptical of what the government--and this includes the New York City Police Department, et al--and it is supposed to reflect what is actually happening in society, not what they wish to have happening. There are two things at work here.

One, the NYPD is acting like this is 1978 or something. The men (and I am sure there are women, but where are they?) running the NYPD were junior officers in the late 1970s when everything went to hell. They slogged through the 80's and 90's and the horror of 9/11 and now they are on the cusp of retirement. They see what's happening as a return to what things were like when they came up as patrolmen and they are reacting with a skull-cracking mentality.

Two, the extent to which there is an articulated protest against Wall Street is not being communicated or understood. I have seen numerous stories about how the protesters are misguided or don't know what they stand for or what they are protesting. That is nonsense. The people in the streets are protesting the fact that American capitalism is a criminal enterprise run by an elite that doesn't know what it is doing. I've also seen those stories about the failure of the creative class.

There is no failure of the "creative class." There is, most emphatically, a failure of the class of people who went to Ivy League schools in the 1990s and 2000s and cheated their way through classes that were over their heads. Remember when an MBA was the ticket to fortune and glory? How many people actually did the work to earn their MBA? Do you think that a piece of paper confers proof of wisdom when that piece of paper can be bought for tuition and sold for the price of a rewritten, plagiarized dissertation? 

There is a failure out there, and it is the failure of a place like Harvard to actually educate people. We have a creative class that wants to create episodes for television based on fart jokes and sex gags. When was the last time there was anything articulate or clever on television that didn't involve titties and methane gas ejected from a human asshole? At one time, Harvard could educate someone in the law, in the liberal arts, or in business but now? Please. Cheating is so rampant one wonders what a Harvard degree is now worth.

Answer: about as much as a bottle of champagne being drunk by people who can't tell right from wrong.