That's the Best You Could Come Up With?

Good for Dave. He's in the wrong place, doesn't know what's going on, and he's the perfect foil for the New York Post and, by extension, the terrified elites who don't know what to make of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Drugs? Sure. Irresponsible behavior? Oh, hell yes. Lazy? Gotcha. Well, it's 1967 all over again and it's time for the pigs to crack some skulls, isn't it? It's time to react with disgust and horror and recoil from these horrible, horrible images, right?

Well, The New York Post still puts up titty pictures so that they can grab clicks and hits, but that has nothing to do with anything, so, remember to focus your outrage on the people who are complaining about their economic situation and not on the newspaper expressing mock outrage at their ethics and morals while enticing people to click on soft-core pornography (which is fine, no issue there, cheers and all that--but wasn't Steve Jobs supposed to save us from pornography? Didn't the Post get that memo?).

See, there are several problems here. First of all, these same people who are reacting in horror at the likes of "Dave" are the very same people who pretend that dozens and dozens of Tea Party members walking around with signs with misspelled variations of the "N" word are just a few irrelevant bad eggs. Second, who cares if "Dave" is rolling around in the park, wasted and stupid? He is still an American citizen with a voice, isn't he? When did we start equating a person's right to an opinion and a place in the protest with their ability to form a cognizant, sober thought? If so, there wouldn't be any protests, would there?

The New York Post had to go out and find something to frighten middle America with. They failed. But you can expect more "Daves" to appear, and more images of horrifying dissent. This is the way it works--the media is incompetent. The message isn't easy to explain. The issues are complex and driven by the way American society is evolving in this era, thanks to a paralyzed political system and a depressed economic situation. And the people who need the information that will help them understand what's going on don't have the tools to figure all of this out yet.

Well, rank and file union members get it. People being squeezed get it. People who cannot find work get it. People losing their livelihoods get it.

What's not to get? This isn't about Dave. It's about millions of people who are being washed out of the American dream.