Nothing Says FAIL Like a Red State Diarist Who Can Search a Database

Welcome to Mr. Robinson's neighborhood. Take a seat and prepare to introduce yourself to a bucket of FAIL.

By his reasoning, everyone who fails to obey a highway sign is, in his own words, has a "criminal history." I suppose that's true on one level, but it's a bit ridiculous to then say, by implication, Stephanie McCrummen is a criminal because, clearly, she is not.

It's great that he has access to a database that allows him to smear people and publish their personal information. If that were to be turned on himself, there would be howls of self-serving outrage. No one cares if Mike Robinson is a criminal; I'm assuming that, as a lawyer, he's not a convicted felon. I don't care if he has any speeding tickets or previous run-ins with the law. He, on the other hand, thinks it is brilliant and cute to turn his database searching skills into an opportunity to get some attaboys on Red State.

Oh, in case you're wondering. He's one of "those" lawyers. Yes, he makes his living dealing with probate, family court issues, DUIs, and bankruptcy. That's honorable work. But it sort of proves that whole "congratulations on being able to search a database" thing. This is not a firm that is out there on the cutting edge of the law. Handling Aunt Barb's probate issues are not what those legal shows on TV are really into right now. Being at war with a collection agency is not exactly setting the world on fire with brilliant lawyerin' and stuff, if you know what I mean.

We'll take a pass on bringing up the driving records of John McCain, George W. Bush, and Laura Bush. They're irrelevant. They would go a long way towards refuting the logic of smearing a Washington Post reporter by insinuating that she is a "criminal" but what would that prove? Do you think Mr. Robinson cares about any of that? No, of course not. He found four items and hit publish on that Red State diary so fast I would be willing to wager that the "Enter" button on his keyboard is no longer functional. Somewhere out there, a dull-witted Red State diarist with access to the same database missed a shot at glory.

So, to wrap up this pity party, who, out here in the real world, cares if the young lady has four "blips" on her public record? Has she been convicted of a felony?


Case closed, esquire. Case closed.