How the Elites Will Discredit and Destroy the Occupy Wall Street Movement

Here's another something that you can count on: there will ALWAYS be that one person who can't function in a polite society and who thinks sending a threatening letter or E-mail is a great idea. It doesn't always have to be just one person--making this stuff up works, too. But there's always that one individual who goes too far and acts like an ass and embarrasses the cause you believe in. Always.

The problem is, the media are reacting to this like they've found catnip. When Tea Party activists carry out actual smear-filled hate campaigns that use violent rhetoric, we hear the Don't Tread on Me speech. When someone who claims to be an enlightened member of the left acts up, it's the end of the law and order society. Here is proof that Occupy Wall Street is a dangerous, violent class warfare organization that will wear weird glasses and floppy hats and send E-mails that are bogus, threatening and ridiculous. Why, I'll bet they even use drugs and try to bathe in public. Monsters!

When people who come from the other end of the ideological spectrum do this, it's just folks, you know? When this comes from the left, oh my word, that's the end of it right there. Time to pass laws, arrest the ringleaders, and run for the hills.

The problem is, these are Tea Party tactics being ascribed to people who have a legitimate complaint about the American Dream. Anyone who is stupid enough to send a terroristic threat via E-mail to an elected official is a nutcase who should be locked up. Clearly, that does not include anyone savvy enough to bring a clear plastic sheet to a non-violent protest over where this country is headed.

Our wonderful media establishment will now seize upon this and run with it. Painting what's going on in New York, and around the country, as the work of cranks, hippies, and thugs is going to help them discredit the long notion that we should have what is an overdue discussion about what constitutes a fair deal.