Hold On Before You Pass Judgement

The rapidly infamous "Corn Maze" family that called 911 when they got lost is probably going to be the victim of a lot of cheap shots and quick takes and that's what this whole blogging thing is now--an automated joke machine.

Count me out of that nonsense.

First of all, why didn't the facility have an elevated cherry picker or bucket suspended in the air adjacent to the maze to "help" people who needed it? I suppose it would be fun to do the maze without a visual clue, but the thing is, public safety is important. At a minimum, having someone up there with a communications device of some kind to help would be smart.

Second of all, calling 911 solved the problem. I hope they are not fined for that.

Third, this was no ordinary "corn maze." This thing covered 7 acres and was not cut into rows and whatnot--it was cut into curves and circles, as the image above attests. I can see why they got lost. This was clearly not designed for a quick trip in and out, otherwise, why would they be charging $18 for the venue? That's right--they were charging premium prices because of the size and complexity of the maze. That was the thinking behind the creation of the maze. The owner himself says that a person would need about an hour to get through it. Well, which person? What if they needed more or less than that?

Let's not forget that this didn't happen during the day, either. It was dark when they called 911 and the farm had closed. A K9 unit had to go in with flashlights and find them. I can understand why people would want to make fun of them and question their judgement. There's no questioning the fact that they got lost, they needed help, and the police responded. Whether or not the family ends up having to pay for the cost of their rescue is another matter entirely.

No cheap shots here. I can see why they called 911. Now, was it wise to go in with an infant? No. But that's neither here nor there in this case.