You Can't Hide Your Money In Switzerland Anymore

Somewhere after the 4:00 mark, brother O'Reilly says that people who have money will just move it to Switzerland if the tax rates go up.

Mr. O'Reilly clearly hasn't been keeping up with the news. You can't really expect to get away with that sort of thing anymore.

These people are terrified that their taxes are going to go up. Even if their rates went up to 42 to 45%, they would still make a terrific living in the greatest country on Earth and live like kings. This is not class warfare--it's common sense. If you want to continue to make a fabulous living and live a life that people 50 years ago could only dream about, then you have to pay your fair share towards the continuation of the American system of government. Without that, we revert to robber barons, chaos, tribes, and headhunters. We revert to more resource wars, gated communities topped with armed guards, and butchering gangs of urban thugs.

Pay your taxes and grow up.