Why Wouldn't They Make Her Cover Her Business?

This is what happens on talk shows these days?

I don't think anyone really cares if it is, in fact, Heidi Klum sunning herself naked by the side of a public pool. European standards are such that no, you can't expect to take what is acceptable in one country and go to another and expect everything to go off without a hitch (or a complaint from someone prudish or modest or intimidated or all three). Religion is very important in parts of Europe and so are standards of modesty and decency. I say that, and then a tractor trailer with a naked lady painted on it will roll by on the autobahn, but there it is. The print media and television media are both a little more accepting of nudity than in America. That's probably the biggest distinction. They are slightly less prudish in Europe.

Having spent the summer at a German pool, the very German Klum wouldn't be allowed to go topless where we go swimming. I don't know that anyone would force her to cover up, but I do know that there are places which are "with textiles" and "without textiles" and you kind of have to take responsibility for knowing such things. How is it that she doesn't know that? Does she spend all of her time in the south of France or in Spain or wherever else they go topless without a care in the world?

Europe is not one big naked party. Been to a fest full of fat, drunk Swabians lately? No, you don't want to see that. Sorry to burst that bubble. But, then again, maybe I'm just not visiting the right places.