What Am I Going to Do With Posterous Spaces?

When Posterous hit the Internet way back when (what? two years ago? three?), I was an early believer in having a place where I could blast stuff out there. As a platform, it worked well. As a place to go to put stuff, it worked well. As a place to get things going, eh. Not much happened because Posterous has been infected with a lot of SPAM and reposting and reblogging. A lot of marketing stuff goes out over Posterous now; in the early days, it was like Tumblr. Creative people used it.

Now? I can't tell who uses it. No one follows you back. No one seems to care. It's a blasting platform. You go there, you rifle content out there, and you leave. If there are meaningful conversations and all that, I'm clearly too stupid to find them. I made a concerted effort to find meaningful content on Posterous a few months ago. I found a lot of info graphics borrowed from other sites. I found a lot of stuff from places like Etsy was being reblogged there. And I found a lot of foreign language stuff, which was cool.

The thing is, Tumblr and Posterous are blogging platforms that have limited blogging features. They really should be places where original content is created and shared. If you have followers, great. If you don't, forget about it. I think that they are both now so saturated that there's almost no point in trying to start a new thing over there, unless you're someone who can bring in a large following all at once.

I'm not down on Posterous. I simply don't have the chops to figure it out anymore. And now they call themselves Posterous Spaces. Great.

What's that? How will it help me? Should I continue to try to blast content out on Posterous? Or should I just chuck it all and say, 'thanks for being another waste of my time' and delete my accounts? Should I just abandon them and leave them there, a silent testimonial to my incompetence?

I'll make the effort to figure out what's what. Til then, I don't know what to do with my content over there, which was slight and rather bland, to be honest.