This is an Instrument of Treason

Look now on the face of treason.

Four elected officials of the United States Government are calling for the deliberate inaction of the United States Federal Reserve and for the continuation of economic misery and calamity.

You see, I can do that Tea Party nonsense, too. I can send you to the Law of Treason and you can read it for yourself.
"To make treason the defendant not only must intend the act, but he must intend to betray his country by means of the act."
Read the above again and tell me that's not treason. It's the kind of treason that comes from having a craven soul full of hate and terror. These men want power, covet power, and will hurt anyone and anything in order to get more of it. In their zeal to crush the American economy they have pulled back the mask and shown that they have the bulletheaded face of a lickspittle given too much credit for being decent.

The language used is absurd and ridiculous. The Federal Reserve has the responsibility of staving off panic and regulating the nation's monetary policy. Let me repeat the most important part--staving off panic. The Federal Reserve MUST act in times of economic distress and peril. It MUST take steps to stabilize the American economic system as it relates to banking and monetary policy in order to prevent another Great Depression.

These four men, McConnell, Boehner, Kyl and Cantor DO NOT BELIEVE in the American system of government. They have NO PLAN WHATSOEVER to relieve the economic misery that afflicts tens of millions of Americans. All they want is for the Fed to roll over and DO NOTHING so that the panic, peril, and distress of the American people can continue for another year and a few months.

This is about election day, 2012, and the American people can go suck eggs. Don't have a job? Bankrupt? Broke? Living in your car by the river? Suffering? Miserable? Well, you should have prayed harder in church, suckers. We have a Federal Reserve that is supposed to do something--anything--to make things better. These four men think that the Fed should go sit on its hands and let the American people suffer.

To inflict intentional suffering and pain on the American people is a treasonous act. Harming America's economic stability and security weakens this country in the face of our enemies, both foreign and domestic.

What a shameful moment in American history. Shameful.
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