The Republican Plan: Visas for the Highly Skilled

Thanks to the good folks at Fox Business, this popped up on Scribd tonight. And do you know what? It makes for some compelling reading:

That's their "solution?" Go out and find "highly skilled" workers from abroad to come here and take jobs that Americans are too incompetent or unskilled to fill? You know, for years, the Republican Party has fought to cut education in this country. They have fought the Democrats tooth and nail over spending on education, investing in our future, and this is why the Middle Class has suffered so greatly over the last decade.

The Republican Party wants to snare people who come here to study--at schools that are being forced to raise tuition because of the cuts they, themselves, have imposed on America's education system--and give them visas that are above and beyond what everyone else gets so that they can take jobs and opportunities away from American citizens who are struggling to find jobs and create businesses? Does that sound like the classic example of a circular firing squad? Does that sound like a series of impossible backflips or what?  Wow.

And what’s even funnier is that these are the people who used the fear of terrorism to scare the crap out of the American people, create immigration as a phony wedge issue, and make the process of actually getting a student visa a humiliating process, thus driving away countless numbers of people who wanted to come here and study. I guess that wasn’t such a great plan, was it? But, don’t worry. The Republicans are gonna get this right, no matter how many times they have to reverse themselves and try to find something palatable to get behind.

America is the land of opportunity. People should be allowed to come to this country and get an education and stay if they wish. America should have open borders for people who want to come here and establish legal citizenship--something the Republican Party has also vehemently opposed. But outsourcing has sent millions of jobs overseas. Outsourcing has killed the American labor force. Is the solution to this an expedited process to bring in people who will use their skills to edge out American workers?

And now we're supposed to believe them when they want to cut education, cut off immigrants, marginalize opportunities for American citizens--we're supposed to accept their "solutions?"

Hell no.

You cannot make this stuff up.