The Best of Intentions

Military vehicles aren't as much fun as advertised. When you're in one, it's not easy to gauge just exactly what the limitations are, especially if you're not used to driving in conditions that are, ahem, a bit unusual. Often times, you never have enough experience with the vehicle you're supposed to roll out in--either from a lack of training time or training resources. This looks like a case of indecision gone wrong, and that can happen. I totally sympathize with the drivers in this case. Were they ordered to go forward? If so, the driver can refuse to go forward if he or she feels that safety is being threatened.

To sit there and call people who are trying to help "stupid" is a bit callous. But the people in those vehicles should have realized what was happening when they entered those waters. You send a ground guide forward before you attempt something like that. And if the ground guide disappears, hopefully, you can yank him or her back with the rope tied around their waist. If there's one fault that I can clearly identify here it is the absence of a qualified ground guide going forward to see how deep the water really is.

You damned sure don't want to drive in a military vehicle with the water up over the top of the windshield. I won't go as far as calling these soldiers stupid. I think they were inexperienced, and should have had better instruction and training before going out in their vehicles during a major flood. Common sense does apply; the heckler in this video doesn't have much common sense if he couldn't be bothered to notice that there were lives at risk here. Why stand there and carp at these soldiers if you know so much? Help them out.

If soldiers deploy in a vehicle with which they are not comfortable, the company commander is certainly in line for some sort of criticism. I would guess that the damage to these vehicles warrants UCMJ action against someone.