The American Legion Takes a Ridiculous Stand

No one is talking about giving the family of a Federal employee killed on the job anything other than a folded American flag. And the American Legion can't handle that?

I'm surprised that we haven't already instituted this policy. Federal workers should be accorded the honor of being presented with a flag. Doing so would not demean any service member whatsoever. This is a basic, common sense honor that would go a long ways towards enhancing the status and respectability of Federal service.

I am a veteran, but, specifically one that was honorably discharged after having never served in war. I am, I would imagine, entitled to a flag-draped coffin. I was fortunate to not have to have that honor rendered for me. And I'm supposed to be offended if a Federal employee, killed in the line of work, gets their own flag? Hell no. I would give them that flag myself. I folded enough of them for dead Veterans to know what I'm talking about.

Give them a flag. It's that simple.

But if you're in the leadership of the American Legion, whoa now. We can't have anyone being treated with respect. We can't have anyone getting any kind of respect or honor. Never mind the fact that a lot of the Federal workers who are killed on the job are probably already Veterans. Government service being what it is, a lot of people start out in the military and work their way through a Federal career. This is an honorable way to live and make a life. Handing someone a folded American flag is an honor we should extend to people who choose Federal service. Where does the envy and the nasty backbiting come into play? What agenda does the American Legion really have?

Why do we stigmatize Federal service like this? I don't get it.

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