Strippers, Elitism, and the Economy

Strippers, Elitism, And the Economy

This is one of the longer articles that I've tried to write this month. I approached the idea of enlarging it and, once I had it sorted out, I decided to "feature" it on Scribd and get some reactions (hopefully).

A blog post can be copied into Word very easily. I upload PDF files into Scribd because that has always seemed to work better for me. You can upload almost any kind of document, but I like making PDFs. Always have.

This article didn't require much in the way of technical writing. I copied the post, edited a few lines, and then made it very quickly. Uploading the document and then embedding it here took almost no time at all (the time went into putting together my observations). So, the Scribd audience that I'm building will have a crack at it, the embedded document will sit on my Scribd shelf and gain reads on a daily and weekly basis, and I think I have added something of value.

I like how it looks in this format. What you see above is the embedded document from Scribd. Their interface is fantastic. The font is Georgia, size 16, and the "image" is really a screenshot of a snippet of the article that I have cropped and shaped to serve as the "introduction" to the piece.

That's a good day of blogging, easily.

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