More of This, Please

Our political elites need to get the message being put forward by people like James Fallows here and here. The country is going to be in revolt, sooner than later, and there's no more room to give when it comes to forcing people to live like animals. Fallows has written two of the most important blog items of the month, and perhaps the year. If our society breaks down, and if enough people begin to express their outrage, we could see riots akin to what we say last month in London. You cannot push people down like this and not see a reaction from them.

Quaint notions of law and order and reasonable discourse? Please. Once the Republican Party began calling basic entitlements every name under the sun, the idea of believing in a free, open, and ordered society became moot. You cannot rail against the institutions of government, leave people out in the cold to starve, and not expect something very similar to the French Revolution. It's not class warfare when one class has everything. It's class warfare when everybody has a little something to hold on to and can't figure out how to be happy with what they have.

You cannot take away a person's way of life and not see the anger that wells up. We all accept good times and bad times as part of our way of life. But to accept it when the thing pushing them down is a redistribution of American wealth upwards is another thing entirely. The rich need to start wondering about the loyalties of the privately run armed militias who guard them right now. Will those fences hold? Where do you run when they have surrounded your posh development? The lucky few know that helicopter gunships are all that stand between them and having their fur coats torn from their backs.

The American economy of the last four years has driven millions to the brink of desperation. We don't have haves and have nots anymore. We have an increasing number of people who are being pushed out of the economic comfort zone they were once in and they are being forced to live in ways that terrify them. This is not about using generic toilet paper and forgoing that extra trip to Disneyland. This is about homelessness and eating out of garbage cans.

A $500 billion stimulus is newsworthy, and acceptable, but it is simply not enough.