Matt Stoller Has No Clue

Has President Obama wrecked the Democratic Party?

I guess if you believe that he has, there's no convincing you that what has transformed America over the last decade or so has been the collapse of economic policies that too many Washington politicians won't abandon. If our moneyed political elites were connected to the economic suffering of Americans in some way other than the superficial means by which they get their information--through lobbyists, media personalities, and selected constituents--there would be more talk about solving the issues faced by poor Americans. Instead, we get a United States Senator from a state overflowing with retirees who claims that Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid have damaged America.

So, when Matt Stoller says things like "let's go with Tom Harkin" and looks back to the heady days of William Jennings Bryan, you know there's no point in trying to reason with the likes of him.

Does Stoller really think that anyone other than a handful of Harkin die-hards is going to rally to the cause of a man who was soundly defeated when he ran for the Presidency nearly twenty years ago? Who are these die-hards? Where have they been hiding themselves?

If he really thinks that the solution to America's problems is to spend 38 years in the political wilderness and run Tom Harkin against President Obama in the Democratic primaries, then there's really no hope for the country, is there? Matt Stoller, concern troll.