Just Like Social Security, Right?

A Ponzi scheme? Just like Social Security? Wow.

So, if I'm reading this right, and I know I am just being an idiot with a blog, then people who made their living playing online poker were doing nothing wrong by trying to gamble and earn money for their retirement. I mean, come on. Playing online poker, paying into the Social Security system--they're practically the same thing, right?

Who are these people? Who is that slick, cool, and savvy? Who gets women and earns a living and has a peaceful night's sleep playing online poker and depositing that kind of money into an organization or organizations as slimy as the ones depicted in this article? Who has those kinds of stones? Amazing.

How long before someone running for President figures this out, and makes this comparison? I say, let them. The more they compare Social Security to a Ponzi scheme, the more we'll get to hear about legitimate Ponzi schemes like online gambling, investing with shady loan sharks, and believing in the tooth fairy.

I'd start my own Ponzi scheme, but who has the time? You have to defraud and bilk people, and that just takes too much work. I'd rather just have people running for President tell me what's what.