How Do You Know About Raymond and Peter?

Shut Up Little Man is the story of how two nasty old men ended up being underground superstars thanks to the punks who recorded them.

If there was ever a bromance that went the wrong way, it would have to be the bromance between Raymond and Peter. If you spent any time in the "independent" music store scene during the 1990s, you probably had a chance to hear this stuff. It's a vital piece of Americana. It's the sound of two tomcats fighting and the whole process of taping and putting this out was brilliantly executed.

What's notable is that I believe the two young guys who taped Raymond and Peter were genuinely shocked to discover that people were consuming these tapes and I think they really did feel bad about making a little bit of money off of this stuff. Back when there was an alternative scene and when there were functioning "free, local" papers like the City Pages and things like that, you would find things like this and it would be edgy and smart and it would be something you'd enjoy knowing about. It's kind of like Wesley Willis, but not really. Do you know what I mean?
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