How Do You Define Failure?

Well, Rich is correct--there are amateurs running things. But they're no more amateurish than any other previous administration. All we heard about was how the Bush Administration was run by amateurs. Then, before that, the Clinton Administration was run by amateurs (although there's a part of me that wishes that the amateurs running things when Clinton was in office were running things now).

The failure that he isn't identifying is the failure of rhetoric. Using a speech to generate jobs is worthless; advocating significant stimulus spending and a jobs program, fine. Speeches are useless if the opposition doesn't care about reality. And this opposition doesn't.

You have Marco Rubio out there saying that Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security have "weakened America" and getting away with it.

If that's not a failure of rhetoric and discourse, I don't know what is. Schultz doesn't get it--Rubio is being paid to act the fool. He collects campaign donations in exchange for saying what he is saying. Do you want real change? Make it illegal for companies to give money to politicians who advocate the destruction and dismantling of the American government. If that's not sedition, I don't know what is. And sedition shouldn't be considered free speech if it comes with a promise to destroy America.

The idea that Obama's speech has to be a barn burner is a failure to see that we have real structural problems in our economy that are based almost solely on failing to understand that concentrating wealth in the hands of a few is preventing the growth and sustainment of the American middle class. How about a speech about that for a change?

A speech about what is really going on would be welcome. And the quality of the speech doesn't have to be good, fair, bad or indifferent. The ideas and policies have to matter. Whatever those ideas and policies were during the Clinton Administration, try them out again. What could be the harm?

Failure is when you give up. The Republicans have given up--they're not even pretending to care about America's safety net. Have the Democrats embraced a culture of failure and given up as well?
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