Greta Van Susteren Blogs Like a Moron

Did you get the joke?

Sarah Palin is running! Not "running for the Presidency," running with her feet on the ground!

I don't know who actually writes Greta Van Susteren's blog, but this was published under her name. The absolute wet fart of a headline--a real play on words that would make even the most clever of wordsmiths cringe with horror--that accompanies this piece looks like it was put together by a mind that is amused by only the most childish of things.

She's a lawyer, right? And she's supposed to be a media personality, correct? They've branded her media product here as "Greta wire." Who is standing by, waiting for the Greta Wire to come to life and deliver these brilliantly conceived missives? Who is this woman and how did she get to this pinnacle of absurdity? She's supposed to matter? If so, how is it that her blog--and the "most recent posts" list on the right is included on purpose to illustrate my point--reads like it was written by a complete and utter moron?

Our media elites are this stupid? And no one has noticed this?