Governor Chris Christie Isn't Willing to Walk With the Crazies Just Yet

Governor Chris Christie is a smart man. Anyone who fails to see how intelligent he is hasn't been paying attention to how skillfully he has managed to establish himself as a legitimate contender for the presidency while essentially being the Man Who Says No.

He is smart enough to know that President Obama is going to have no problem getting reelected. The GOP can’t win every red state, and they know they’ll never win California or New York. Thanks to the new and insane governor of Florida, that state is going to turn blue fast.

Florida might be blue for the next thirty years. Another performance like this and it might be blue until the last blue hair passes. Who knows?

Christie also knows that if you want to be the Republican nominee for President, you have to schlep crazy around for a year. You have to embrace and lock lips with a particular brand of crazy that is going to make things easy for the Democrats in November of 2012. I don't think he wants to go down that road.
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