You're Not Supposed to Say Anything Bad About Children

This story opens up a big can of worms. Are you supposed to celebrate a lifestyle that is "child free?" Are you allowed to use Facebook while doing so? And how did we get to be so self-centered in the first place?

There's nothing wrong with a woman who decides that she does not want to have children in her life. This is not really a post-feminist idea--it's a lifestyle choice that is perfectly acceptable. Plenty of men decide not to have children--where is the criticism? There is none, of course. A man who decides not to have children is a man who...decides not to have children. There really isn't a term for it. A woman who decides not to have children becomes a demon-spawned hellbeing of immaculate evil. Or whatever those commenters are saying right now.

One of the things that has helped propel the stand-up comedian and filmmaker Louis CK into the public consciousness is his absolute lack of any fear when it comes to performing material that decries children and childrearing. He actually calls them "stupid babies." And people eat it up.

The reason why is that our culture has had several decades now of exalting children to a near-mythical standard of purity and goodness. We elevate children to a status that blocks out the sun. This makes us blind to the fact that children are, well, children, and they're no more important than adults.

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