You're Just Now Figuring Out That Jay Leno Blows His Monologues?

Yes, occasionally, Jay Leno will blow chunks while trying to be edgy and relevant:
If you wanted righteous satire about the dismaying Anthony verdict, you were out of luck, with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on vacation.
In fact, most of late-night was on vacation, except for Jay Leno, who bypassed satire of the media and stuck with what he knows best: "It was so hot today, people were as delirious and incoherent as a Florida jury... This [verdict] means President Obama's economic team is only the second most clueless group of people in America."
This groaner was met with virtual silence from the "Tonight Show" audience. Leno paused and turned to his band. "Is the mike off? I don't think they heard the joke," he said.
Then he repeated the joke, and, thus prompted, the crowd clapped.Watch the video and tell me whether you think it was a technical glitch or not.
This is not the sort of thing the entertainment media covers, though. Leno is rapidly evolving into a kind of Larry King figure. No one knows how he got to where he is, he's been there forever, and no one knows whether or not he'll leave on his feet. Expect twenty more years of this sort of thing.

That moment of silence from the crowd is what the future holds for Leno. That is, unless they figure out how to find good writers and how to pump more money into fooling people that what he has is really The Tonight Show. Because it's not.
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