Worse Than Anyone Can Believe

I encourage everyone to read this special report from Reuters on the News Corp Phone Hacking scandal. As much as I believe in a free press, I suspect people in Britain no longer do. There are ethical lines that have been obliterated and a great deal of harm has been done to innocent people. But media and journalism advocates can't really defend News Corp. They weren't doing it for the public good. They were advancing a conservative agenda by destroying people and controlling the media in Great Britain. Once people figure out that they have done the same thing in other countries, News Corp is going to be destroyed.

What is really fascinating about this story is that, for the better part of the last decade, everyone knew what they were doing. Only a handful of people had the courage to stand up to them. The next time someone points out that Hugh Grant isn't really a good guy, tell them otherwise. Without Hugh Grant, what would we know about these people?
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