"Never willingly allow the story to be about me..."

I think this is all very fascinating. There are so many threads, how can anyone keep up?

This man is full of very high-minded ideas, but his fall reveals that he was apparently willing to look the other way:

Do you see how cozy the police got with the working media in Britain? And do you see how it took so long to figure out what was going on? It's apparent that quite a few figures are about to fall, and even more will follow. If the people who were the victims of the phone hacking can keep up the pressure, there's no telling how many titans may fall.

Here's what has already fallen--the rule of law has meant nothing in Britain for some time. There has been virtually no discernible difference between a corrupt politician, a corrupt cop, or a corrupt journalist for as long as this has been going on. To think that something as simple as technology could be at the heart of the demise of fairness and decency in a society.