This is What We Call Desperation

President Obama's enemies are so desperate to find something--anything--they can criticize him for, they're willing to go to great lengths to manufacture outrage. No one is sitting around, grousing about who got picked to do what when it comes to the "egghead agencies." That's a slight, and a term, that only the most deranged Washington insider would truly care about.

I guess you could look at the President's decision to name a Republican to run the National Endowment for the Humanities as, well, what, exactly? Who cares? It's the National Endowment for the Humanities. It's  not the Department of Defense (he picked a Republican to remain in place when he could have named someone else) or the Ambassadorship to China (he picked a Republican). It's not as if he picked a bunch of cronies to run things. Well, he did, but at least his cronies aren't doing the same heckuva job as old Brownie was.

The Weekly Standard has a cover story on the absolute outrage and incivility of picking former Republican Congressman Jim Leach to run the NEH. A cover story--and the online edition runs to three grueling pages of snark and would-by putdowns. These putdowns fail, miserably. Talk about throwing punches that never land. I'm sure it will be poured over by the enemies of the President, desperate to find some relief from the partisanship and incivility. Sadly, they will find little else but Prius jokes and delusions of adequacy.

To suggest President Obama's choice to run the NEH smacks of anything other than, hello? Bipartisanship? Well, it shows how desperate they are to land a punch or make the case against the President. This is what flailing and FAIL looks like, up close.

Here's what Leach had the temerity to say:

And how desperate is Andrew Ferguson to make his case? Well, he conveniently leaves out the fact that the conservative movement in America has never been shy about warmly embracing racist jokes about the President or questioning his citizenship of the United States of America or citing the fact that he believes in Socialism. The Republican Party has even gone after him for criticizing slavery, if you can believe that. The hate groups are real, and nothing could be more ill-timed than this feature. Given that the proven links between the thinking and ideology of  Robert Spencer, Anders Breivik, and Pamela Geller, well, good luck snarking that one away.

He ignores the fact that there has been a rise in racist extremist groups in the United States, beginning in 2009. Can Andrew Ferguson read? Have a look at what the Council on Foreign Relations has to say.

They have attacked this President for everything under the sun, including the mustard he uses, killing too many terrorists, and the fact that his wife advocates breast feeding with a demented glee that would shame any American. 

Ferguson, clearly, is not a detail guy, either.

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