The Stupidest Mothers in America

It's a chicken on a burro--laugh! It's funny! And it will make you forget your fiscal woes.
Oh, shut the hell up, you bag of nuts:

Regan Benson was furious about the list of fees her local public high school was charging for kids to "just walk in the front door." She was even angrier about where the money was going.
"It's crazy — $18 for a basic English class; $38 for honors English; $150 for each sport; a $60 graduation fee," she said, holding a paper she called the "fee sheet" from her school district. It had nearly 100 items on it and looked every bit like a small-print contract you might get from a credit card company. "I wouldn't mind if I knew the fees were going for what it says here, but I don't believe that."
Benson said she wasn't quite sure how to find out where the money was going and, more important, how to make a stink about it.
Enter "MAD" moms. 
Benson recently found her way to Amy Oliver, founder of a Golden, Colo.-based group called MAD, or "Mothers Against Debt." Its stated mission is to get moms worried about the government debt their children will inherit and encourage them to ask questions against government spending in their communities.
Did it escape this deranged old bag that her school district has to charge those fees because it has been strangled of funds? And school districts go broke for many reasons, but here are a few.

When a state cuts of education funding to local school districts, referendums and bonds and things of that nature have to be considered in order to keep up the fiscal status quo. In many cases, those attempts to offset cuts in aid are either ignored or they fail outright. In some cases, yes, they do pass. But spending cuts come on a regular basis; referendum votes not as often. So, the efforts to get the taxpayers to vote on having their taxes or fees increased is contingent upon an election where people will bother to show up and actually vote. Anyone up on public affairs already knows this.

Now, did any of these well-informed ladies campaign for a referendum to offset the need for that school district to impose fees? If so, fine.

Did any of those ladies run for and serve on the school board and learn about how fiscal responsibilities at the state and local level impact the choices for administrators? If so, fine.

Also, let me add that administrative costs tend to get out of hand in some school districts. It would be unfair of me to not point out that some districts are fairly poorly managed and run. That being said, if these ladies don't like the fees they have to pay, they should move to where great schools appear in the heavenly clouds as if by magic and cost nothing. I hope they write down the route they took to get to this mythical place.

A group dedicated to fighting the debt being passed to our children is like a group dedicated to making sure that the brown sand is always free of cat poo at the playground. It's a great idea, but the politicians and the cats are going to shit wherever they want to shit, and they don't care who has to pay for their whims.

To end my crude rant, let me just say this--unless and until the American people grow up about paying taxes, they're going to get the government they deserve.

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