The Only Party That Knows How to Govern is the Democratic Party

Paul Krugman demolishes the argument here.

Saying "yes, the Democrats would behave this way, too," is ridiculous. During the Bush era, the Democrats consistently negotiated to get the best deals they could. At no time did the Federal government default on its debt, shut down completely, or leave people scrambling with nothing. At no time did our troops go without weapons or pay and at no time did America suffer the kind of scares it has in the last year from the machinations of a Republican Congress that is paralyzed by a vitriolic minority.

The Democratic Party has governed. It has made tough choices, upset a lot of supporters and adherents, and has kept things working. Checks arrive for Social Security recipients; Medicare continues unabated. The basic functions of government continue. Our economy is suffering and, while I disagree with many of the decisions being made right now, the adults really are in charge right now. And the children are desperately trying to grab the wheel and drive the family car into the ditch.

The only way for the Republican Party to defeat President Barack Obama is to destroy the American economy. There really is no other option; there aren't any candidates, there are no ideas, and no one wants to do the hard work of governing. The Tea Party will not allow governance to occur in this country. There is but one single-minded goal--destruction. And once the economy is destroyed, the Republican Party knows that the American people will throw the President out of office.

Destroying the American economy is a bit "un-American," don't you think?