The Inexcusable Hatred of Patrick Buchanan

Sort of makes the jaw hit the floor doesn't it?

Pat Buchanan enters oblivion. He is in the twilight of life and all he can muster is hate and vitriol on a scale which, in a decent society, would earn him a place in a mental health facility or a nursing home somewhere, and not a place on television. What does it say about a society where someone this ignorant can have a privileged spot on talk shows and on news programs? He ought to be screaming his incoherent ramblings into the gaping maw of a dumpster behind a liquor store.

At some point, our media has to answer for why they continually put people like this out there to spread nothing but hatred and ignorance. The fact that Buchanan was able to turn his throwaway column into controversy certainly helps him maintain an income and a presence as a commentator. It's exactly the kind of thing that drives hits to websites, translates into embedded videos and outraged blog posts, and it keeps the next Breivik fat, dumb and happy with the reassuring rhetoric of a spitting, vile old bastard with no claim to human decency.