The Government Does Not Sit at a Kitchen Table

The fallacy of this article is evident in the title. The government doesn't sit down at a kitchen table and try to pay bills. The government doesn't have to balance its books or save for Johnny's college tuition or make the grocery bill a little smaller. The government is there to make sure that people who sit around kitchen tables don't have to worry about brigands slaughtering their fellow villagers. Everything beyond that is a function of government that people fail to understand. Maintaining roads, building bridges, funding schools, providing essential services, taking care of the aged, and a whole host of other responsibilities are not for-profit ventures.

In short, the government is there to do the shit you can't do so you can do some shit for your own benefit.

We have high unemployment and a stagnated economy. The government should be spending money to stimulate the economy and get people back to work. Add a million taxpayers to the rolls and watch your deficits dissipate.

Our discourse is broken. Economics is such a difficult subject for people to comprehend that Ron Paul's ridiculous ideas about gold, money, and the Federal Reserve actually have adherents who think we should trigger another Depression and watch our situation improve. The entirety of our financial system is arranged to prevent another Depression. And the Republican Party would have you believe that we need another one. Do you think they're calling for one solely so they can defeat President Obama?

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