Rupert Murdoch is Finished

If you cannot answer to parliament, you'd better get out of the country and pray they don't try to extradite you:
Rupert Murdoch on Thursday refused a summons by Britain's parliament to answer questions over alleged crimes at one of his newspapers, leaving a senior executive from his media empire to face lawmakers eager to break the media mogul's grip on politics.

British police arrested a ninth suspect, named by media as Neil Wallis, a former senior editor of Murdoch's News of the World, adding weight to a government call for the media regulator to decide whether his business is fit to run British television stations.

Murdoch has already been forced to close the News of the World and back down on his biggest acquisition plan yet -- the takeover of British pay TV operator BSkyB -- due to an outcry over allegations reporters accessed private phone messages.

It was unclear whether Rupert Murdoch could be compelled to testify because he is a U.S. citizen.
Rupert Murdoch has been doing business in Great Britain for decades. The mere fact that they are now trying to destroy him is probably just a gut reaction from a British political class that has been tormented by this man's newspapers for generations. Generations.

You cannot reach the pinnacle of power, as Murdoch has, and escape from the firestorm that awaits. He has been running a company that has had underlings out in the underworld doing horrible things in the name of journalism. The people who defend this type of gutter journalism don't quite understand how many British politicians and, well, the very elite of that country have lived much of the last thirty years or more in desperate fear of being attacked by this man.

The firestorm being launched by the elite of Great Britain is one that doesn't come with an off switch. They're going to destroy this man and break his empire. They're going to go after him, his family, his employees, and everyone and everything that has ever benefited from his iron hand of guidance and management. They're going use the courts, the government, the laws, and probably even the military (it wouldn't be inconceivable for the Royal Navy to apprehend this man if he ever tries to sail the high seas, especially if he becomes a fugitive) to get him and I think he is utterly, utterly finished.

In America, there's actually a First Amendment. Murdoch can live behind that until his death. In Great Britain, no such luck. They'll eat his spleen before they're finished with him. The many thousands and thousands of very wealthy, very educated, and very proper Britons who have been on the receiving end of this man's threats and terror are going to repay him, tenfold, with something that Western society has not really seen, ever. A man of enormous wealth and power is going to be destroyed in public and there aren't enough lawyers to save his skin.
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