Norway's Oklahoma City Moment

It is not by accident that I was able to dig up a story about Thilo Sarrazin for my previous post. When I learned that the suspect in the Norway shooting rampage was white, it dawned on me that we were probably looking at an extremist with right wing sympathies.

Lo and behold, that appears to be the case. The facts of the case are not completely clear yet, and this could be the work of a deranged madman with no political affiliations. But this sort of extremism is certainly on the rise throughout Europe. The late Stieg Larsson was an expert at Scandanavian extremists of the racist variety; I'm wondering who his counterpart in Norway has been over the years.

Norway is naming the man:

The suspect in the twin attacks Friday that killed dozens of people in Norway was identified early Saturday as a 32-year-old Norwegian farmer.
TV2, the country's largest broadcaster, and the newspaper Dagbladet identified him as Anders Behring Breivik, 32, describing him as a member of right-wing extremist groups. Shortly thereafter, The Telegraph newspaper of London reported the same information, citing Norwegian Justice Minister Knut Storberget.

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