MSNBC is Crass and Tasteless

What should have started out as a simple story of human courage in the face of an unbelievable tragedy was cheapened by the headline on the front page of this story:

Whoever wrote that should apologize. What a terrible joke to make at the expense of the victims in Norway.

I love a good joke, but context is everything. That this would appear on the front page of a major news website is a travesty. There are simply no really safe or decent jokes you can make about a woman who has a projectile embedded in her skull as a result of being a victim of a terror attack. "They make'em tough?" They are people. Whether they are tough or not, it's nothing to joke about.

The American media establishment is rife with this kind of amateurism and insensitivity. In order to get traffic and get people to click on links, they obfuscate, lie, and mislead and dump content wherever they can.

In the case of MSNBC, it's hit or miss most of the time and it's usually just content from other sources. Someone decided to be flip and make a joke at this poor woman's expense. I guess it's okay to do that if the person who is being made the butt of the joke is a person of color or is from one of those foreign countries no one cares about or understands. If MSNBC had said this about a blonde, blue-eyed American, forget about it. The outrage would drown out the courage of the victim.

For about a decade now, we have been bombarded with images of shattered, bloody people who have been the victims of terrorism, both domestic and otherwise and who have been the victims of acts of war. Have we become utterly immune to the horror?