John McCain Rails Against the Hobbits in the Tea Party

These are the same people who didn't rally to his cause and elect him President in 2008. They hadn't figured out who they were or what they stood for, but they knew they had to wreck America to get what they want (which is attention) so they called themselves the Tea Party and made McCain their whipping boy in absentia.

Why wouldn't he denigrate them and associate them with The Lord of the Rings? He's getting ready for 2012 in the only way he knows how--by appearing not to run for President, he expects to be drafted at the convention. We have now had a Lord of the Flies reference and a Lord of the Rings reference in the span of about a day. The Republican Party is running on four flat tires and nothing but fumes right now.

McCain is realpolitik; the Tea Party is fantasyland. It's that simple.

But, there's a broader lesson to learn here. When a major politician makes an analogy to the Lord of the Rings and uses the word "hobbit" in any context, plural or otherwise, run. Run away, fast.