Is There a Market For Creem Magazine?

They're going to try to bring back Creem magazine. Should they?

An iconic, sardonic rock 'n' roll magazine with Detroit roots that ceased regular print publication more than 20 years ago is planning a comeback.
The publishing team behind Creem said it's restarting the presses in mid-to-late September for the magazine that officially shut down operations in 1988 and has been online only since 2001. They envision the quarterly publication as part of a broader music network that includes mobile apps and streaming music videos — all with the aim of attracting old and new readers.
The magazine most associated with its editor, the late wild-haired, prolific critic Lester Bangs, has been down the revival road before.
I'm ambivalent about this sort of thing because I remember Creem and I remember Musician magazine. A lot of what they put into Creem magazine was faked or sensationalistic and had little or nothing to do with the actual music industry at the time.  The works of Lester Bangs are driven by an idealized view of what rock and roll should be, but once you read what he has to say, you don't have anything you can trust or rely on. You have opinions, ranting and raving, and it's enjoyable to read, but it doesn't mean anything. Most rock and roll criticism doesn't mean anything, so take from that what you will.

Bangs wrote for both publications and a slew of others. But the editorial quality of Musician was a thousand times higher and had a quality that just doesn't exist anymore. And Bangs, as a writer, was too unique for me or anyone else to pigeonhole. I miss Musician magazine something fierce though. It was well written and it was about the process and projects. Musician was replaced, more or less, but the serious magazines about drumming and guitar playing and things like that.

So, why bring back a magazine that wasn't really about anything? Do yourself a favor. Read one of the old issues and give it your own assessment. My take on it was that it was no different from Tiger Beat or any of those useless teenybop magazines and that there's nothing there. Nothing.
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