The Fine Art of Template Changes

An updated Blogger Template for Celebrity Disaster
No one seems to have a really good post about Blogger templates so please allow me to bend your ear for a bit.

Which ones are the best? Which templates work the best? Well, I couldn't get that question answered, so I went into careful consideration mode and thought about where I'm at and where I'm going with this.

I made a conscious decision at the beginning of the year to consolidate my blogging on one platform and I chose to do so on Blogger. I was never a fan of Blogger in the period of 2005-2008 or so when I was blogging, in various forms, about political things and satirical things. I thought it was clunky and outdated. I experimented with several other platforms, most notably WordPress and Squarespace and I found them to have a lot of great features but one major drawback--cost.

WordPress makes you pay for registering your own domain. It's a simple fee, paid per year, but Blogger charges you nothing. Squarespace, on the other hand, will drain your bank account. As soon as your blog or site begins to show even a hint of success, you'd better watch your bandwidth charges because, brother, let me tell you--bandwidth will kill you on Squarespace if you don't watch that page with all of your account charges and resource usages. Success is a killer on Squarespace. Court it if you will, but the only way to keep costs down on Squarespace is to, literally, tell people to stop loving your content.

I tried Typepad or whatever. I think it just annoyed me and I went in another direction.

I have nothing bad to say about any of these platforms. They didn't work for me. They work great for others. I rate my skills at average when it comes to designing blogs and setting things up. I tend to work harder at content, so that's where my head is at. I want to put the majority of the blogs back on a common footing and then get back to cranking out good quality content. I want readers to be able to arrive and move around and find things and move with ease between the blogs and the pages. I really like having the blog list on the right hand side--this is where the content is found, and I think pinging back and forth is ideal for how I blog and how I organize things.

So, Blogger is where we are housed and this is where I am establishing a good 12 to 15 blogs. I have 13 active right now, and I'm looking for two more. Do I really need two more? I don't need hardly any of them, to be honest with you. I love them, but I don't need them. This is sort of like an extended family of misfit toys and there are two seats available in the bus I'm using to take everyone around on errands. Those seats have to be filled. I think it stands to reason--you can have one, three, or fifteen blogs. Anything else is just a ridiculous trip down crazy lane. Got a toy blog with missing limbs and a superfluous head? I'll take it and run with it. Thank you very much.

Blogger's new templates are fantastic. But, in order to simplify things, I've decided that the Picture Window template is the easiest and the best to use in terms of branding and organizing the blogs that I'm doing. For the four blogs that serve as the anchors, though, I'm going to use a slightly different, and cleaner, template that has no header color. Everybody else is going to, more or less, have an identifiable color header as seen above.

I have to go find maroon on a color wheel. I'll betray one of my old alliances and affiliations and use the maroon of the Minnesota Golden Gophers to use on the old sports blog. Gosh, which one do I use black on? Which one gets white? Who gets to use silver? The options make me want to shoot for twenty blogs.