Did Breivik Have American Ties?

If so, then these ties should not be dismissed as incidental. Christian fundamentalism is every bit as dangerous as any other kind of fundamentalism, especially when we consider that anyone blinded by ideology can kill just the same as anyone else.

There really are apologists for this sort of thing. They are just as insane as Mr. Breivik, whose surname will become the kind of Norwegian curse that Quisling became after World War II.

As I mentioned earlier, the Germans (and the Europeans, as a whole), are very focused on home-grown fundamentalism and home-grown would-be terrorists. They also know that the only reason why Breivik wants any kind of a platform is so that he can reach cult-like status amongst any possible followers or adherents to his beliefs. He should not be given any kind of a platform. What that would likely lead to are sympathetic attacks.

The possibility that others might follow Breivik is a real one. Europe has a problem, and this man just poured gasoline on the fire.
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