Cut, Cap and Balance Destroys Medicare and Social Security

Over at Human Events, they've taken to calling President Obama a mad man. Yes, a mad man. And, in this age of enlightened discourse, the lies flow fairly quickly when Republicans start making their case to the American people:

The Democratic-controlled Congress also had to contend with the veto threats of George W. Bush. Give them credit for understanding the American form of government--and for realizing that the American people gave them their power in order to get things done. What the Democratic-controlled Congress did during that period wasn't something to brag about, but they didn't shut down our Federal government, destroy our nation's credit rating, and plunge the country into disaster. They got things done with compromises. I would call that responsible governance, something we are not seeing right now.

Cut, Cap and Balance enjoys the support of 66% of the American people, according to the CNN poll that conservatives love to cite. However, the poll also shows something else. When the American people actually figure out what "cuts" are being proposed, they recoil in horror.

The poll asks these questions about who has been "responsible" so far:

An overwhelming majority of Americans think that the Republicans in Congress weren't acting responsibly in the spring of this year and they don't think they're acting responsibly now. The President looks better today than he did in the spring. What does that tell you about the situation we find ourselves in? Who's been a more honest broker? Well, the American people think that the President has been the more honest broker.

Now, let's look at the horror with which Americans react when specific cuts are spelled out.

Isn't that something? When you spell out what the cuts are going to be, the American people overwhelmingly say "hell no." As in, 87% say, "no, we don't want you to cut Medicare or Social Security." And when 87% of the American people are telling you that they don't want cuts in Medicare, that means that at least 30% of those respondents are either Republicans or regularly vote Republican. In other words, even people who usually vote against their own economic self-interest are specifically opposed to the major thrust of Republican Party legislation proposed this year--namely, eliminating Medicare as we know it.


Cut, Cap and Balance, meanwhile, proposes to shrink our government to levels not seen since the 1960s. It proposes setting Federal spending at a level of 18% of our Gross Domestic Product. Not only does that effectively destroy Medicare and Social Security, it ties the hands of the government in terms of spending to stimulate the economy during tough times (which is what we should be doing now)

Here's an excellent graphical description as to what that would mean. [click to enlarge]

So, no matter what anyone says, Medicare is going to be all but eliminated under the Republican "plan" and reduced to a size that would prevent the Federal Government from doing anything for the poor, the elderly, or the sick in this country.

Each and every time someone shines a light on the Republican Party's effort to destroy the social safety net, the American people are given a choice. Do they reject this or do they continue to vote against their own economic self-interest? Given that the way people are being exposed to this kind of information is inherently broken, always count on at least 33% of the American people to vote to destroy their own hopes to ease into old age with some dignity and grace. Why people would vote for misery, poverty, and a shortened life span is beyond comprehension.